Frequently Asked Questions

Every patient is unique and every case is different. We have provided general answers that may apply to the majority of cases, but your doctor will discuss your specific case with you to identify each scenario unique to your circumstances and recommended clinical interventions.



Absolutely, we treat many pregnant patients throughout their term. Pregnancy causes many changes in the body. Some of these changes may include shifting your center of gravity, laxity in ligaments, and enhanced curvatures through your spine due to the forward weight in your abdomen. Each of these changes can make women more prone to musculoskeletal complaints, and by addressing these issues, our treatment can help to make your pregnancy more comfortable. For more information visit our Prenatal Chiropractic page.


Yes. We treat people of all ages from babies to senior citizens. We treat many children for overall wellness, to resolve injuries, and also for conditioning through sports or other repetitive activities they may perform such as playing an instrument or frequent typing. Again, the treatment is specifically customized to each of our patients, and takes into account, factors such as their age, body type, health, injuries, and many other dynamics. Your doctor will work with you to create the best treatment plan for your particular complaints.

For children who are athletes, we are finding that sports are becoming even more competitive, and choosing a primary sport is often required at increasingly younger ages. Therefore, children are performing the same motions repetitively, leading to overuse. If you can stay ahead of these overuse injuries by correcting imbalances before they result in damage, you can often prevent them from occurring. And again, if an injury does occur, then we can evaluate it and likely treat the injury before it causes any permanent damage. Visit our Pediatric Chiropractic Care page for more information.


Treatment frequency is also very customized and specific for each of our patients. To determine your treatment frequency, there are many important factors to consider. The purpose and goal of the treatment must be established first. Then, based upon your goals, we will determine what your treatment entails in conjunction with your lifestyle, your body, and other key factors. Upon evaluating all these factors, your doctor will create the best treatment plan for you. Thus, you can see why treatment is so individualized and varies from person to person.


Yes. Pain in your musculoskeletal system may often be a delayed result of dysfunction. This means, that the misalignment in your bones, or strain in your muscles for example, may already be occurring prior to the onset of your pain. Often times, before you are in pain, dysfunction may be building and gaining traction. This is why people sometimes experience pain that seems like it came “out of nowhere,” and are unsure of its cause. It is likely that the dysfunction had been building for some time before finally manifesting as pain that is simply your body telling you that something is wrong.


Definitely. We have many athletes who treat with us either to resolve an injury, to maintain wellness, and/or to improve their performance. When muscles and joints are not moving the way that they should be, athletic performance can be adversely affected. Additionally, athletes often experience adhesions through their soft tissue from over-use and repetitive motions. These adhesions can limit range of motion. By breaking up these adhesions, range of motion can increase and your body can move optimally, thus elevating your performance. Your doctor will give you a thorough exam to determine the best course of treatment for you in this regard.


In many cases, yes you can. Of course, this depends on your specific case and a thorough examination, but we have many patients who treat after they have had spinal surgery including spinal fusions, ablations, disc repair, and other surgeries. Your doctor will further explain this specifically to you and how it relates to your unique case.


This is something we are asked about often. There are a few reasons we believe this rumor has begun.

If someone comes in with an injury, it is true that one visit is often not enough to resolve it. Your doctor will concisely explain what the injury is, how we are going to treat it, and the recommended treatment necessary to resolve it. This treatment plan is different for everyone based on many unique factors.

For this reason, it does often take:

  • More than one visit to resolve a condition. Injuries are often acute which means that a trauma has occurred, or chronic which means that it has been building over a period of time. So, it makes sense that after a traumatic experience or after building for a long period of time, a lengthy interval of treatment may be required to correct the injuries. But the best part is, as long as it is a musculoskeletal injury within our scope, we should be able to correct it, and it is not ever too late. A realistic treatment plan is essential, and once you understand what we are treating and why, the how becomes much easier to appreciate.
  • Once a condition is resolved, patients often learn the benefit of staying ahead of injuries and treating for wellness. When you are healthy, you feel so much better and most people would prefer to maintain this overall health. Wellness treatment is not as frequent as acute treatment, however, and your preferred wellness treatment plan will be specific to you based upon your body, your lifestyle, and your goals. You can discuss this with your doctor to determine what is best for you.
Once a condition is resolved, some people choose to return only as needed — when another injury or discomfort arises. Again, this is not recommended as we do strive for wellness and optimal health, but it is up to you. It is important to decide what your goals are to determine what is best for you. So you see, you do not have to keep coming back, but after being educated about their body and musculoskeletal system, most people understand and choose the benefits of the treatment.

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