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With our patient-centered care and focus, our integrative whole health practitioners provide comprehensive care for the whole body.

Conditions We Treat

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In this video, Dr. Niccole explains the different structures of the musculoskeletal system and is applicable to many of the conditions listed below. Understanding these structures can create a baseline for a better understanding of these conditions.

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Spinal Conditions: Neck, Mid Back, Low Back and Pelvic Conditions

There are many conditions that affect the different regions of the spine and pelvis. These can include the Cervical spine, Thoracic spine, Lumbar Spine, Pelvis, and Sacral/Coccyx regions. By effectively examining the body and our patient's unique complaints, we are able to generate a diagnosis and educate our patients on what is occurring. We can then utilize the many different tools that we have to determine the best course of treatment for each of our unique patients and their body.

Migraine and Tension Headaches

We treat many patients who suffer from headaches both with very long term and chronic symptoms as well as more recently developed headaches. We have great success with each and very much so enjoy healing a patient's headache as we know how debilitating these can be. Resolving headaches often achieves getting a patient's life back as these conditions can prevent comfortable functioning and greatly limit quality of life. We carefully examine our patients and address the entire musculoskeletal system (alignment, muscle quality, scar tissue and knots, trigger points, soft tissue irritations, etc.). We then address how each of these elements pertain to headaches and affect each patient individually. We are very proud of our effectiveness in helping and resolving this stubborn condition.

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TMJ Dysfunction

TMJ is a general term for several conditions that affect the temporomandibular joint. This joint sits just in front of your ear and is pivotal in the opening and closing of the jaw. Composed of several ligaments and a cartilaginous disc, the joint is susceptible to inflammation and dysfunction. When it is irritated, it can lead to mild-to-severe pain particularly with chewing and talking. In some cases, the dysfunction may lead to biomechanical changes and tightness of musculature that can refer pain to the temporal region of the head in the form of a headache.

Careful assessment of joint motion and soft tissue tone is crucial to treating this condition effectively. Maintaining symmetry between the left and right TMJ is the primary goal. Utilizing a combination of gentle soft tissue manipulation techniques and specific adjusting through the use of an Activator Instrument among others provides significant relief.

Watch Dr. Niccole's Video Explaining TMJ and Treatment Available

Chiropractic Care Through Pregnancy

Pregnancy can wreak havoc on lumbo-pelvic musculature, ligaments, and joints. Throughout pregnancy, the body releases a hormone called “relaxin” that relaxes the ligaments of the pelvis in preparation for the birthing process. As a result, joints in this region can become hyper-mobile and create dysfunction leading to muscle imbalances, tightness, pain, and even radiating symptoms into the buttocks and legs. If left untreated, this pain can spread to other areas of the body including the mid-back, upper back, neck, and head. While pregnant, women are unable to use everyday over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications. Chiropractic can provide drug-free pain relief.

Our chiropractors are equipped with the knowledge and techniques to evaluate the biomechanics of this region and effectively treat dysfunction specific to your condition. In our office, we have specialized tables to treat pregnant patients as their belly continues to grow through the pregnancy. Many of our patients that receive chiropractic care throughout the entire length of their pregnancy report a comfortable, efficient birthing process and minimal postpartum discomfort, enhanced by a quicker recovery time overall to prenatal status. We also treat our expecting mothers with massage therapy for pregnancy, Our customized massage table has a perfect removable piece that can accommodate our pregnant patients' growing belly and still let them relax with a safe face-down massage.

Our doctors are also uniquely certified in the Webster Technique. As your pregnancy progresses, a hormone known as relaxin is released. The purpose of the hormone is to cause the ligaments to soften and stretch. This is what allows your pelvis to spread to create room for the birth of the baby. However, your pelvis can also get out of alignment during this time.

The main aim of the technique is to realign the pelvis because a pelvis that is out of alignment can cause the baby not to move. The technique is very safe, and it is effective. It is not a baby-turning technique, so there is no direct external force applied to the baby. It is also performed gently.

Watch Dr. Niccole explain more about Chiropractic During Pregnancy

Treatment for Children

We have been treating patients through the infant stage to adolescence for many years now. Some spinal problems seen in adults begin as early as birth. The birthing process can place a large amount of stress on an infant's spine and developing nervous system. Dysfunction of the spinal and cranial joints can result in irritation of the musculature and nervous systems, in turn playing a role in many conditions. These may include colic, torticollis, sleep disturbances, and nursing difficulties. If neglected, injuries in childhood may lead to more serious problems later in life such as chronic neck pain, headache, and low-back pain.

Chiroprabrctic adjusting procedures are modified to fit the child's size, weight, and unique spinal condition. They are both gentle and specific; utilizing a pressure similar to that which is used to check the ripeness of a tomato. Most parents report that their children enjoy getting adjusted and even look forward to follow-up visits. They also report a greater level of health in their children with regular Chiropractic care.

Watch Dr. Niccole explain more about Pediatric Chiropractic Care.

Athletic Injuries

Muscle strains, ligament sprains, and other injuries common in athletes.

As fun as sports can be, they can also take a toll on your body. Our Doctors utilize many techniques to treat our athletes. Very commonly utilized with athletes is a specific soft-tissue technique known as Graston to assist in evaluating and treating a variety of athletic injuries. Whether it is a muscle strain or ligament sprain, aches, tightness, radiating pain or pain from various joints in the body, we can offer relief and guide you along the path to proper rehabilitation.

Additionally, our Doctors will evaluate the biomechanical impact and relationship between the spine and extremity joints to optimize function and athletic performance. Treating in a holistic manner along the entire kinetic chain allows for both efficient and sustained relief of symptoms to both prevent re-injury and return you to peak athletic performance.

Watch Dr. Niccole's Video on Ligament Sprains.

Disc Pathologies

Intervertebral discs act as the spacer between each vertebra in the spine. They are composed of a cartilaginous outer ring called the nucleus pulposis which is made up of proteins and water. There are four main types of disc injury from bulges to protrusions, extrusions and sequestrations. A bulge is when the nucleus pulposis presses the outer ring of fibers outside their typical boundaries. A protrusion is when there is a focal area of the annulus which has been weakened and the outer layer of the disc has a distinct out-pouching. An extrusion is when that out-pouching no longer contains the nuclear material and the jelly is pushed into the nerve or spinal canal. Sequestrations are extrusions where the jelly separated from the disc. The severity of disc injuries varies greatly, but they can exert mechanical pressure on nerves or the spinal cord, or produce chemical irritation of the nerves.

Our Doctors will examine you to discern if your pain/ numbness/ tingling or other symptoms are a result of a disc injury. More severe cases can include muscle weakness and/or objective reflex and sensory changes. Our Chiropractors can refer out for MRI's or other imaging if appropriate in your case.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Treatment for complications from accidents, such as whiplash, back and neck pain, and consistent headaches

Hyper flexion/extension of the cervical spine because of a motor vehicle accident (known as “whiplash”), can cause severe stretching and tearing of muscle and ligament fibers. It can also affect the proper motion of the joints. This can lead to pain that ranges from mild to severe, stiffness, headaches, and even radiating symptoms to the upper extremity. In these cases — the earlier the treatment the better off you will often fare.

Our Doctors will perform a thorough examination to establish the extent of your injuries and potentially order X-Rays to rule out more serious pathology. Care focuses on maintaining proper blood and nutrient flow for tissue repair as well as restoring the proper motion of the spinal joints. This helps to reduce pain, limit re-aggravation and accelerates recovery. With the appropriate steps taken early on, a patient can avoid the effects of chronic pain that is all too often associated with this type of injury.

Work Injuries

We treat iInjuries unique to a specific work activity.

Work injuries can be serious and can have a dramatic effect on the individual and their family. With a detailed history and examination, our Doctors can identify the areas of concern and determine if chiropractic care is appropriate for your case.

Beginning care as soon as possible following an injury, is critical to hastening recovery and returning to work. We will work closely with the New York State Workers Compensation Board and your insurance carrier to ensure that you are able to receive the care that is necessary.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is a general term that refers to entrapments and pinching of nerves or blood vessels in the region between the neck and shoulder

Passing through space between the neck and the shoulder are important arteries, veins, and nerves that supply the upper extremity. Along their route, they travel between a series of muscles and bones/ribs, that makes the neurovascular bundle susceptible to compression. If compression becomes evident this can lead to pain and even weakness into the shoulder, arm, and hand. Many patients describe this pain as tingling, burning, shooting, and numbing.

Once an accurate diagnosis is formulated, chiropractic care can help resolve this compression by focusing on improving posture and increasing both the flexibility and mobility of the muscles and joints in the neck and shoulder. Patients report great relief for this condition with chiropractic care and are able to return to their normal daily activities pain-free.

Wellness Care

Wellness Care is the purposeful and sustained optimization of health and well-being.

It is important to recognize that pain is an “alert mechanism” the body uses to bring to your attention a dysfunction. With that being said, by the time you experience pain, there has typically been a dysfunction developing for quite a while. Chiropractors are specially trained to identify subtle changes in muscle tone and joint motion. With our unique treatment approach, we are then able to restore proper motion and function to vital joints and soft tissue long before they ever develop into pain.

Regular check-ups are so beneficial to maintaining an active, pain-free lifestyle where your body is able to perform at 100%. Frequency of care varies and takes into account your past medical history, work duties, and lifestyle among other factors.

Post-Surgical Care

Following a surgical procedure, post-surgical care can facilitates complete recovery.

Surgery, particularly fusion to regions of the spine, can result in a larger load being placed on segments above and below to provide the proper motion. Over time, this can lead to increased degeneration of the vertebral segments and their associated ligaments and musculature. Following the proper healing and stabilization time of a spinal surgery, it is vital to address changes in associated soft-tissues and joints. In addition, the alteration in biomechanics can result in dysfunction that can lead to pain in other regions of the spine.

Through a thorough history and evaluation, the Doctor can determine if chiropractic care is safe and effective for you. Although in most cases we will not be adjusting the surgical segment directly, there is a tremendous amount of benefit to be gained from addressing the spine and body as a whole that can both support the recovery from surgery as well as assist the patient in avoiding chronic pain and discomfort. We are also uniquely certified in the Graston Technique, which helps to repair post-surgical scar tissue, which can often be a long term complication of surgery.

Watch Dr. Niccole's Video on Scar Tissue.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive stress injuries are temporary or permanent injuries to soft tissues including muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons caused by repeating the same motion over and over.

Whether it is your job, a sport, or any other type of daily activity — repeated motion overtime can cause stress and strain to certain muscles, ligaments, and joints. This can result in pain and dysfunction that will develop altered biomechanics and perpetuate the injury.

Early recognition and treatment is vital in providing the necessary care to avoid long term conditions such as tendinosis. Chiropractors are muscle and joint specialists equipped with the tools to properly assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of conditions that fall into this category. In addition, our Doctors can evaluate and discuss the importance of ergonomics regarding your daily activities and work space. This will help identify key contributors to your condition and help you avoid reoccurring injury.

Watch Dr. Niccole's Video on Repetitive Stress Injuries.


Classic symptoms of Fibromyalgia include pervasive muscle and joint pain, and fatigue.

Suspected as an autoimmune dysfunction, we are still uncertain of the true cause of Fibromyalgia. With several regions throughout the body experiencing episodes of pain, tightness, inflammation, and spasm; chiropractic care can offer substantial relief.

Through gentle soft tissue manipulation and adjusting techniques, the Doctor can help restore and maintain normal joint motion and muscle tone. Fibromyalgia is often diagnosed through the presence of certain trigger points. Our doctor's attention to the treatment of trigger points and our unique certifications that help us to do this effectively, make us very helpful to patients who suffer from this condition. Many patients report considerable relief of symptoms and experience periods of increased energy as well. Regular care can help manage flare ups and, in some cases, patients have even reported decreased symptom frequency.

Watch Dr. Niccole's Video on Trigger Points


Osteoarthritis is a form of joint disease resulting from the deterioration of related cartilage and underlying bone

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the degeneration of joint tissue that can result in pain and stiffness throughout the joints of the body. Several different factors play a role in the development and severity of this condition; however, chiropractic care can offer relief.

Identifying immobile joints and restoring proper motion through chiropractic manipulation therapy can prevent further degeneration of joint tissue, particularly in the spine. In addition, combining soft tissue manipulation, stretching/strengthening, and nutritional recommendations can substantially decrease the symptoms of pain and stiffness. As a result, many of our patients experience not only great relief, but the ability to continue engaging in the activities they love the most.

Postural Disorders

Proliferation of cell phones and computers, combined with the integration of technology into our daily lives, being sure to maintain proper posture has never been more important. Intense stress is placed on the muscles of the neck and upper back when we are consistently placing our body in positions that involve looking down or rolling our shoulder forward “slouching”, such as long-term work on a computer and cell phone. Over time, this can lead to structural changes in the cervical and thoracic spine that can stretch and tighten the musculature attached to them. This can progress to headaches, neck pain, upper-back pain, mid-back pain, and radiating symptoms in the upper extremities among others.

Chiropractors can perform a thorough evaluation to identify your condition and outline a plan to not only relieve your symptoms but also give you the tools to correct your posture, and increase muscle strength and flexibility where necessary. We treat many patients who have Scoliosis as well.

Plantar Fasciitis

We commonly see patients who have pain in their feet, and careful examination confirms the presence of Plantar Fasciitis. In this condition, the fascia on the bottoms of your feet become inflamed, causing pain and dysfunction in your feet that can also lead to injuries in other parts of your body, if left untreated. Fascia is connective tissue that helps to hold other elements of your body and musculoskeletal system in place and connects throughout your body.

So how does it become inflamed? It can become stressed and tighten up, similar to a strained muscle, and can also form adhesions of scar tissue throughout it. Through this mechanism or other methods of injury, the fascia can become painful and worsen with every step. This injury can restrict the proper motion in your foot. As our office is very skilled in breaking up scar tissue and healing injured muscles, fascia, and soft tissues, we treat this condition very successfully and very often.

Watch Dr. Niccole's Video on Plantar Fasciitis.

These conditions or symptoms are just a few of many that we treat. The human body can experience all sorts of trauma that we aim to identify and help correct. Please discuss any ailments, problems, or concerns with you doctor and we can help come up with a treatment plan that is right for you.

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