Auto Accident

The National Safety Council reported an estimated 4.6 million crash-related injuries in the 2016. That’s over 12,000 injuries a day! In New York State if you are in a car accident you are covered through no-fault insurance which entitles you to chiropractic treatment. We treat a lot of patients who have been in motor vehicle accidents and can see the damage that this trauma can cause for the patient and their family. Physically, many different injuries may occur from a car accident. This may include but are not limited to, Whiplash Associated Disorder, Disc Herniations, Sprain/Strains, Misalignment, Nerve Compression, and many more. Again, our doctors will perform a full examination on you and determine your diagnosis and the best treatment for you. It is important to be examined soon after the motor vehicle accident. If you feel a later onset of pain, and had not been examined immediately after the accident, we can still help. Please call our office for more information, or if you need help in navigating this process.

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